LUSH So White Bath Bomb // Blogmas 2016

One of the bath bomb that intrigued me from Lush Cosmetics this year was So White. You've probably heard of this one already as it's been a favourite bath bomb of Lush's for a few Christmases now and you may be asking yourself why I am finding it so interesting this year.

For 2016, So White got a rather fancy make over. It's seems Lush HQ had had enough of the old boring white shell, with the secret pink bath bomb inside, and revamped the much loved Winter classic. I couldn't wait to see what this one now did in the bath tub!

The new version looks kinda of similar to the previous bath bomb, it's still white, but it has a cute green leaf on top to make it look more like how it smells - crisp apple. The fragrance is quite soft when it's dry but as soon as it's in the bath, the smell of mouth watering apples hits you in a wave. I think it smells a lot stronger than the previous version.

I was happy to see that the inside of the bath bomb was different too. When I worked at Lush, the old version's pink centre put a few people off as it was "too girly" which was a shame as the fragrance was loved by all. So White now has a spectacular yellow and green centre. The bath bomb is a slow fizzer, so streams of colour disperse through the white shell and your bath water which it is loads of fun to watch. It reminded me a little bit of Fizzbanger bath bomb.

As usual with a Lush bath bomb, the water was ridiculously softening on my skin. I found the scent lingered for a long time after which is a bonus! I am glad Lush decided to change So White because it was overlooked before and pretty bland compared to other offerings on the bath bomb table. I think more people will be wanting to try out the fancy new 2016 So White and I can't say I blame them! if you do treat yourself to this one, you will be in for a very happy bath time :-)

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  1. That bath bomb looks gorgeous once it is in the bath!

    Lauren x


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