Why I Took A Year Off From Blogging

2016 was an awful blogging year for me. At the start of the year I was already suffering from depression when my long term relationship ended abruptly. Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do, and a lot of the content I was producing was half-hearted and, putting it simply, utter crap.

Of course, not everything was bad about my blogging in 2016. I did (somehow) manage to get in touch with amazing PR contacts who I am over the moon to be working with, and continuing working with next year. In terms of content though my blog has just been so quiet resulting in a huge change in all my statistics. I made my depression worse by blaming it for my inability to blog.

I found that by having such a long break, and large gaps between posts, all the hard work I'd put in over years became unraveled and I started losing followers, page views and even losing touch with friends I'd made through blogging. It sucked and I wanted to just stop blogging all together.

I have noticed this happening to quite a few of the 'old school' bloggers. We just seem to have been giving up on blogging. With so many changes in the blogging industry, and the pressure of becoming a 'famous' influencer, no wonder the bloggers who started writing as a hobby are becoming less and less willing to post on their blogs. I think most people just benefit from switching off for a little bit, and coming back to blogging after a break.

A year off from blogging has taught me lots of things. Not posting regularly does mean you will lose followers. After a long break, most people forget who you are. It's kind of soul destroying! But, instead of wallowing in self pity, I've taken the negatives from the past year and turned them around into something positive. I've been able to reinvent my blog, try new layouts, write different styles of posts and reach out to PRs and brands that I want to work with. The time off has allowed me to re-focus on what I love about blogging and why I started in the first place.

I started feeling less guilty about not blogging. I took more time off than I thought I would. I started feeling happier in the fact that when I was ready to come back to blogging, my writing would be much better than the crap I was churning out at the start of the year because I felt I had to. The content I make now is better quality, and has more relevance to things I'm interested in. Yes, I'm getting a lot less views that I used to this time last year but who actually cares? I took a year off to look after myself, and get my head straight, and now I can reap the rewards.

Never feel guilty about not blogging. Remind yourself why you started in the first place, and focus on ways to reinvent your content to a more satisfactory standard. It doesn't matter if it means a week off, or a year, just make sure you look after your self and your well being first. Trust me, your blog will be there for you as soon as you're ready to come back :-)

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