Alien: Covenant Review

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I have read so many raving reviews of Ridley Scott's latest addition to the origin stories of the popular Alien franchise, Alien: Covenant. I was excited to see the film because I really wasn't a huge fan of the previous instalment, Prometheus. I had high hopes that this film would be just as thrilling as the original movies but unfortunately, Alien: Covenant was a huge let down for me in more ways than one.

Alien: Covenant introduces us to the crew of colonisation vessel The Covenant. After a catastrophic accident in space, killing the Captain and some of the other passengers, the crew are forced to wake up early and fix the damage caused. When a rogue transmission is received, the crew discover it has come from a planet that seems ideal for human habitation. Shocked that they completely missed this perfect planet, they decide to land on it and explore where the transmission originated from, however, they soon discover a sinister secret on the surface that means life or death for the crew.

*Just a warning... Spoilers Below*


Let's Start Over

Hello, it's Becky. Long time, no speak. Grab a cuppa and I'll tell you where I've been.

[Trigger Warning: Depression, Anxiety, Break Ups, Deaths]

The last, let's say, eighteen months have been challenging for me. I won't go into detail but having to deal with relationship breakdown, starting a new job, moving house, and the death of relatives, has had a big effect on me and it's completely sucked the every drop of creativity I had out of my bones. I felt like I was losing grasp on blogging, as you can tell from the sporadic posts I managed to write up here and there. In fact, I felt like I was losing grasp on everything. I ended up seeing a therapist, as you might have read in a previous post. My mental health took a battering. It took a long time for me to feel okay again.


Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens Review*

I am an absolute sucker for glitter. I remember when I was about 13 years old, first getting into make up, and insisting on buying all the Urban Decay glitter eye liners. I was a glitter addict. A few months back I got the chance to try out the Spectrum Noir Colorista range and while I was browsing the website, I found the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens catch my eye.

When I was offered the chance to try out the Sparkle Pens I jumped at the chance! I was really interested to see how these glitter pens would perform, especially as I was impressed with the Colorista range. I thought the Sparkle Pens might be better for crafts too - I am a big lover of Christmas so I have visions of these pens being used heavily around the festive period!


Freedom Make Up 'Far Away Galaxy' Lipstick Collection Review

It's not every day you see a high street/drug store cosmetic company launch a collection of lipsticks inspired by Star Wars, but last year Freedom Make Up did exactly that with their 'Far Away Galaxy' lipstick collection.

The collection consists of five lipsticks of unusual and "out of this world" shades. Curiosity got the better of me when I purchased these. I'm usually a sucker for a bold red matte lip but something about having make up from one of my favourite films just made me have to buy them. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this collection to be honest.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child review

I think I was the last one on the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child bandwagon. I am ashamed to say I didn't even know it was out until I saw it on shelves and, as you can imagine, almost had a nervous breakdown in the middle of London.

I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I grew up as the books were coming out and I remember making my Mom drive me to Asda so I could go and buy the last book when it came out because I was so excited I couldn't wait any longer for a bookshop to open after I'd saved my money for it. I have read and re-read the books, venturing to Hogwarts and escaping to the magical world of wizardry. Mitch bought me Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as a Christmas present and I was excited to read it, despite seeing mixed reviews!

I'm going to try and write this as spoiler free as possible to give an overview of the book. Honestly, I wasn't really a fan of the book in terms of it being part of the Harry Potter canon. As a stand alone, spin-off style text I liked it but there was a few things that didn't quite click with me as I read it.

Neflix's 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Review

Image Credit: Netflix

Friday the 13th. A perfect day for Netflix to release their new series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I think I should start this review by saying Netflix's adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events was highly anticipated, and I had built myself up to hate it. If you've not seen me rattling on and on about it on social media, I am a huge, and I mean HUGE, fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I have read all the books numerous times. I know all the back stories of characters. I can quote a fair amount of the books. I even wrote my dissertation on it for university. So it's safe to say I'm obsessed, right?

I've been let down by screen adaptations of the series before. We all know about that 2004 film starring Jim Carrey and Jude Law (Which was the WORST casting for Lemony Snicket - not sure what they were thinking?) that, in my opinion, was an absolute train wreck of a film. I hated it because it completely erased everything that made the books so magical. And by magical I mean absurdly weird. The film wasn't weird like the books, it was hollywood.

Anyway, I'll save that rant for another post, back to the review of the Netflix offering of A Series of Unfortunate Events from myself, the self-confessed biggest fan.


Classic Films You Need To Watch

If you are a movie geek, there are certain films you know you just have had to have seen. I love films, but I have to confess that I tend to stick to the safety of the genres I know I love. I even go as far as judging the film by it's cover - if I don't like the movie artwork or posters, I'll probably give it a miss.

This is a shame really as I end up missing fantastic films that are seen as classics or a 'must-watch'. My mom even took actions to encourage me to watch some of her favourites by buying me a load of the classic movies from over the years. Have I watched them yet? Of course not (Well, I've watched some just not all of them!).

As a self-confessed geek, I reckon it's about time I changed this and sat down to make time to watch some of the most loved movies of all time. I've been set the challenge to watch the following films featured on this list that I wouldn't normally go for, so here's what I'll be settling down to watch in the near future.


Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

Having a period sucks. It pretty much makes you a big ball of bloated rage, or an emotional wreck, or a skincare nightmare, or all of the above. I change so drastically over my period I have a tracker app on my phone that notifies me when Mother Nature is about to arrive (I'm not sure if that's really sad I admitted that or?...)

When the team at Pink Parcel, a monthly subscription box for when you're on your period, contacted me asking if I'd like to try out the service in December I was curious to see what would come through my postbox.


My Impossible List

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions however when I came across this idea called The Impossible List, I became a bit more interested in the idea of setting goals for myself.

I have tried the 101 in 1001 challenge before but never got round to finishing it. The main reason for this is that I began the list when I was in a completely different stage of life, in a different relationship, and the goals reflected that. When that relationship broke down, I was left with a list of goals that were constant reminders of where I wanted my life to go... and reminders of how it didn't work out!

I began writing a new 101 in 1001 list but my heart just wasn't in it. And that's when I happened to see someone post on FAcebook about the Impossible List. The idea behind the Impossible list is that it's a bucket list that is almost impossible to complete. Sounds ridiculous, but to me it is about constantly growing and challenging yourself. Once you complete a goal, you cross it off your list and replace it with a 'harder' goal. An example of this is if you want to challenge yourself to run 5K, once you've done it you can cross it off and add run 10k to your list. It's a list that shows your progress and celebrates the milestones of your achievements! You can read a little more about it at the original post by clicking here.

With all that in mind, I present to you my personal Impossible List:

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