Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

Having a period sucks. It pretty much makes you a big ball of bloated rage, or an emotional wreck, or a skincare nightmare, or all of the above. I change so drastically over my period I have a tracker app on my phone that notifies me when Mother Nature is about to arrive (I'm not sure if that's really sad I admitted that or?...)

When the team at Pink Parcel, a monthly subscription box for when you're on your period, contacted me asking if I'd like to try out the service in December I was curious to see what would come through my postbox.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box designed to make periods more bearable. Inside the parcel is enough tampons or towels to see you through your cycle, plus a selection of luxury products to really pamper you when you feel down in the dumps. The products range from skincare, make up, candles, teas, chocolates... anything to perk you up a bit when your hormones are getting you down! All you need to do is pop online to order, chose whether you'd prefer to get tampons, towels or a mix, the brands you'd prefer, and then the closest date to your period.

Pink Parcel was not what I expected. First of all it was much larger than I thought it would be. I honestly expected it to be a few pads and some make up samples but it exceeded every expectation I had. The box is divided into three sections: For You, For Night and For Later, plus a little black bag to store towels/tampons on the go.

In the 'For You' box there is a huge selection of goodies to pamper yourself with. I was amazed at the selection of products you get inside and the size of the products was great too. There were some food items in the box which mostly revolved around chocolate which is absolutely fine for hormonal me. From the make up and skincare, I was expecting sample sachets but you get travel sized tubes which is great as you can use the product a few times. I also got jewellery and a wax melt which was a surprise - it was such a thoughtful extra I didn't expect from a subscription box! You can see exactly what I received in the box in the video on my YouTube channel.

The 'For Later' and 'For Night' boxes are full to the brim with towels. I wouldn't need to buy any towels or tampons if I subscribed to Pink Parcel as they provide enough for me personally and this really appeals to me as it means no more midnight runs to Tesco to pick up some Always Ultra with a tonne of tissue wedged between your legs.

I had doubts about Pink Parcel but now I've tried it, I can't fault it. In fact, I'm annoyed I didn't try it before! The service will cost you £10.50 a month including P&P which I think is a steal as I pay a load on towels every month plus the excessive chocolate I end up buying to satisfy my hormonal cravings. I am actually looking forward to my next period now I know I get a few extra presents to look after myself at the same time - thank you Pink Parcel!

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*Disclaimer: The items in this post were gifted to me for review purposes. Content written by myself.

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  1. This is such a brilliant idea! Makes that time of the month a tiny bit more bearable!xx

    Lucy x |


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